Water Damage



When disaster strikes, there’s no time to lose. The water damage cleanup crew from Americlean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning is your best means of repairing and restoring your property from an unexpected water disaster. We’re recognized for our fast response times and the extreme care we take to reduce further damage. Don’t take this on yourself, leave the stress and mess to the professionals!


Water damage to your home or business requires a professional restoration service. Not only do you need to quickly extract the water, but you also need to effectively cleanup and sanitize your interior to protect yourself from potential mold and mildew hazards. We work with homeowners, insurance companies and property managers. No matter what your property type, we’re here to help!


Water damage cannot wait. The faster it is extracted, the faster you get your property back. Whether you’re the victim of broken pipes or excessive rain or snow melt, you can expect us to show up quickly and provide our service with a fast turnaround time. From residential to commercial and industrial properties, we solve your water damage problems efficiently.


At Americlean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our ability to dry out your property as quickly as possible. Our employees are well-trained in the most effective and efficient water extraction methods and we only use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right. All of our work is guaranteed, so feel confident in choosing us for your cleaning and water restoration needs. Call in the experts at 203-608-4764!
Water damaged roof to be repaired by professional
For service you can count on, call 203-608-4764!
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